handmade glass beads and jewelry

From a very young age I have been driven to create. It never mattered much what I created, just so I was always in the midst of some project. Today after more than a decade of perfecting my glass working skills and combining them with my love of vibrant colors and the swirls and twirls found in the geometry of nature, I have been able to create designs that truly represent what I find most fascinating in the world.

Personally, I am drawn to art that is happy and uplifting to the spirit. In my work, I use vivid colors occasionally punctuated by black and white to achieve that emotion. The spirals, whirls and swirls found in nature are also a great influence on my work. The patterns on a sea shell or the curling of a grape vine I find endlessly intriguing.

Several years ago I decided to branch out into fused glass. Since torchwork is still my first love I use lampworked elements such as small beads and cane to fuse into my pieces.

My current work Glass Gardens features beads made directly on a steel wire and attached to a framework to make miniature gardens. Each garden becomes a necklace, pendant, pin or wall decoration. All of my work still reflects my obsession with brilliant color and my quirky sense of humor.

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